10x Email Lead Generation Using These Under-The-Radar Blog & Website Strategies With Bob Jenkins

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Bob JenkinsOn today’s episode, my mission is to share with each of you how to get 10x more leads from your website with a few hidden places to generate those leads.  You can’t just survive with a few landing pages.  You can’t just survive with a sidebar opt-in form.  There are a lot of different places where you could maximize your website’s results in the sense of lead generation, and of course, with that lead generation being targeted, get better results from the other side, as they become customers.

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5 Tactics to Improve Your List Building on Your Website

  1. Blog Posts – One of the things that I want you to do is to take a look at the five most profitable blog posts that you’ve ever written.
  2. Content – The second place is also inside of your content.  Now, this content can be on your own blog, and it can also be on guest posts within other people’s websites.
  3. 404 Error Page – The third place, on your website, that I want you to use to increase your leads is what’s called a “404 Error” page.  You may not know this, but if you were to go to your own website right now, and type in YourWebsiteDomain.com/blahblahblah, unless you’ve written a post by the name of blahblahblah, you’re going to find yourself on a 404 Error page.  In case you didn’t know, 404 is just the number that the computer geeks of the world came up with as the error code when a page doesn’t exist.
  4. Navigation Bar –I want you to have an opt-in opportunity in your navigation bar.  You know how people have their header, and they have a graphic, and they have a big opt-in box in there?
  5. Thank You Page – We’re going to talk about your “thank you” page So, your “thank you” page is a place a lot of people ignore, but when you are thinking about how to get more people on your list, and you spend all of your time optimizing your landing page, you spend all of your time optimizing your opt-in form, your lead boxes on your website, and all of this kind of stuff, and they say “yes”, what do they get to on the next page?

In this podcast you will also discover:

  • What a lead magnet is and how to make one.
  • How to set up offers on your 404 Error Pages.
  • In depth information on each of the 5 tactics.
  • How to connect with Bob Jenkins

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode



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