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How to Make Your Content Marketing Contagious with Dr. Jonah Berger

April 19, 20170 Comments

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  This is an extra special episode because today’s special guest is world famous researcher, New York Times bestselling author, and university professor Dr. Jonah Berger.  You’re about to learn how to put campaigns together, which have the propensity to be contagious and even go viral. […]

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How To Make A Post on Your Blog Go Viral with Rohan Dhawan

July 3, 20160 Comments

Welcome to another episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  This is a very special episode that you’re going to love.  You are going to learn how to make a post on your blog go viral!  The coolest part is that, potentially, you can actually do this with the blog that you have right now.  […]

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Using A Podcast To Build An Audience With Lance Tamashiro

June 21, 20161 Comment

Welcome to the Real Fast Results podcast!  Podcasting is such a special medium to use, and it is especially effective when you’re trying to build an audience for yourself and your business.  That’s what Lance Tamashiro is going to discuss during this episode.  You’ll really enjoy this if podcasting is of any interest to you […]

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Build Your Platform/List With Live Video Using Facebook Live & Periscope with Mike Stewart

June 14, 20162 Comments

Welcome to Real Fast Results!  We have a great show lined up for you today.  I have my good buddy, and mentor, Mr. Mike Stewart.  We’re here to chat about something that’s cutting edge.  If you want to develop your business so that you are “head and shoulders” above what your competitors are doing, or […]

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Marketing Strategies of “The Secret” That You Can Use In Your Own Business With Dan Hollings

June 4, 20160 Comments

Welcome to another podcast episode at Real Fast Results! We have a great show for you. I have back with us Mr. Dan Hollings. As you’ve already heard, Dan is the mastermind behind the movie and the book launch for The Secret. You remember that movie? It basically put the whole idea of law of attraction on […]

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5 Little Known ZERO Cost Tools Every Digital Publisher Should Be Using with Dan Hollings

May 19, 20160 Comments

Hello everyone! This is Daniel Hall, and welcome to yet another excellent episode of the Real Fast Results Podcast. So pleased that you are here with us. Today, I have a marketing superstar. A marketing phenom. His name is Dan Hollings. Dan is at first and foremost a strategist – but he’s also a speaker, trainer, programmer, designer, […]

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