Negotiate Like a Pro by Creating Win-Win Deals in Business with Tyler Sheff

May 9, 20180 Comments

Hello!  Welcome to this episode of the RealFastResults.com podcast!  Today’s episode is a little different, but very special.  Tyler Sheff is here to share his business knowledge.  He is the CEO of The Cash Flow Guys, and he’s the host of the “Cash Flow Guys” podcast.  Please welcome Tyler to the show… Big Fat Promise: […]

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How to Get Your Message Out by Sponsoring a Podcast on the Cheap with Dan Walton

August 10, 20170 Comments

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  This episode actually revolves around the whole podcast movement and what is going on for content creators.  Today’s special guest is Dan Walton.  He is the creator and founder of Cast.Market, which enables podcasters and potential sponsors to explore the podcast landscape.  With it, you […]

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Tackle The Technology of Starting Your Own Podcast with Dave Jackson

January 6, 20170 Comments

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Today’s special guest is Dave Jackson, who is an expert when it comes to putting together podcasts, launching them, and really, all things podcast.  He’s the guy that puts together the Real Fast Results podcasts, as a matter of fact.  He does the job beautifully […]

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How to Get Yourself on Podcasts that Your Ideal Customers are Already Listening to With Tom Schwab

December 13, 20160 Comments

Welcome to the episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Mr. Tom Schwab is today’s guest speaker.  He’ll be chatting about a super-smart thing to do, and that is to appear more as a podcast guest.  He’s going to outline how to become a podcast guest in the first place, and then he’ll move on […]

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Generate Massive Traffic by Being a GREAT Podcast Guest With Heather Havenwood

October 4, 20160 Comments

The promise is that if you’re an expert in your field, at any level, the best way to get people to become attracted to you is by leveraging other people’s lists.  We’ve heard this before.  Now, in the real estate world, we call that using other people’s money, but in the information and the marketing […]

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How to Build a Meaningful Audience With John Lee Dumas

August 25, 20162 Comments

We’re going to deliver, today, how you can build a meaningful audience for yourself. If you’re looking to become a self-sustaining entrepreneur, who has a viable business and multiple streams of revenue, you need that. Building the Right Audience for You We, in this day and age, have a great opportunity.  We can produce content, and […]

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Using A Podcast To Build An Audience With Lance Tamashiro

June 21, 20161 Comment

Welcome to the Real Fast Results podcast!  Podcasting is such a special medium to use, and it is especially effective when you’re trying to build an audience for yourself and your business.  That’s what Lance Tamashiro is going to discuss during this episode.  You’ll really enjoy this if podcasting is of any interest to you […]

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How To Create Evergreen Products With Marlon Sanders

June 13, 20160 Comments

Welcome to another episode of the Real Fast Results Podcast. I’m so pleased you are here!  I have a very special treat for you. I have a good friend and a mentor of mine, Mr. Marlon Sanders, on the line. We are going to talk about something that’s really important for the longevity of your business–that is creating evergreen products. […]

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Marketing Strategies of “The Secret” That You Can Use In Your Own Business With Dan Hollings

June 4, 20160 Comments

Welcome to another podcast episode at Real Fast Results! We have a great show for you. I have back with us Mr. Dan Hollings. As you’ve already heard, Dan is the mastermind behind the movie and the book launch for The Secret. You remember that movie? It basically put the whole idea of law of attraction on […]

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How To Use A Book To Sell Big Ticket Offers With Tucker Max

June 1, 20161 Comment

A big welcome to Tucker Max. Thank you, Tucker for taking time out of your day to chat with us. Tucker has had a lot of success as an author. He’s basically jumped into a relatively new venture, new start-up called Book in a Box. I’ve been really intrigued with how Tucker has marketed that business.  Today we’re going to […]

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