NFTs For Authors & Creatives Explained

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Here’s a table of contents of for this tutorial:

00:00 NFTs explained introduction

02:14 What are NFTs

03:10 What is the blockchain &

06:43 What are smart contracts

08:32 What institutional adoption means for cryptos and NFTs

10:38 How do NFTs benefit authors, publishers & the creator economy

11:53 How authors and publishers can increase demand for NFTs

14:01 How NFTs create passive author income

17:13 How authors can mint book NFTs on

23:44 NFT author publisher affiliate program for your books

25:59 How to get 100 PFAN tokens free to mint your NFT books (Click here – )

27:44 How to profit from different NFT versions of your book

30:23 What the future holds for authors and publishers and NFTs

32:10 Gas fees and NTF minting

33:26 Amazon accepts crypto payment rumors

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  1. Hi Daniel,
    This is really fascinating. Such great information. I enjoy learning and earning with you.

    Thanks for being you. Judy Helm Wright—Author/Historian/IntuitiveWiseWoman

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