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The Top 3 Online Tools that can Help You Be Productive & Profitable Fast With Kelly Johnson

February 10, 20170 Comments

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results!  This is a very special episode.  You know, if you can figure out one or two ways to add one or two percent of your productivity within a 3 month, or even a six month, period of time, over time those incremental increases in productivity equal […]

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How to Declutter Your Workspace So You’re More Productive & Profitable With Rita Emmett

December 18, 20160 Comments

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Today, Rita Emmett is in the house!  Rita is an expert who helps people overcome their tendency to procrastination and to become more efficient.  Last time she offered her advice on this show, it was so well-received that she was invited back. Not only does […]

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