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Aaron AgiusWelcome to the Real Fast Results podcast!  This episode is one that contains lots of useful information.  By reviewing this material, you’ll learn how to use content to market whatever it is that you’re are trying to.  All of us can probably agree that “Content is King,” but it’s really all about the decisive use of that content.  So, it’s not content for content’s sake, but the use of content for a specific, desired purpose.

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Aaron Agius is today’s special guest.  He is a one of the world’s leading digital marketing gurus, according to Forbes.  He’s also the CEO of Louder.Online, which is one of the world’s top digital agencies.  Louder.Online is, in fact, an inbound marketing agency working globally with clients such as Sales Force, IBM, Coca Cola, Intel, and scores of other leading brands as well as smaller business owners.  They show businesses how to technically optimize their sites, perform influencer outreach and link acquisition, and distribute content that drives significant lead generation.  Please welcome Aaron to the show…

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Promise: How to Build a Successful Content Strategy

First, thank you for having me.  My big promise is… A lot of what we do in an agency is use data to make sure that we are directing our clients marketing strategies. If you use data to build out a solid content strategy and map that out completely before you bother to jump in and start creating the content, you’re going to be wildly successful compared to creating content for the sake of having content.  So, the promise is that I’ll teach you how to build a great content strategy that will get the desired result and make the marketing of that content successful.

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


  • The process
  • Competitive analysis
    • identifying them
    • working out the type of content they’re creating, including the frequency, length, and all of the detail that goes in around it
    • understanding what the gaps are and opportunities are amongst all of those competitors.
  • Countering competition on Google
  • Gather data and identify what others are doing
  • Build an email list as soon as you can
  • Top 3 Tips for Distribution
    • 1) Social Distribution.
    • 2) Influencer outreach always works really well 
    • 3)Link outreach ir piece that says something like, “Hey, if you like this, you might find this other piece valuable too.”  I guess you might think, “Well, how successful am I going to be at that?”  The success comes down to building relationships, not just for the sake of not getting the result that you want right then and having an “ask”.

    Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Aaron

You can find me on LinkedIn or search for me online.  I am omnipresent; I’m everywhere, so come and find me.

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