How to Publish Profitable One-Page Cheat Sheets & Checklists With Debbie Drum & Amy Harrop


Amy Harrop and Deborah Drum

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  This could be a groundbreaking show for you because the goal of this episode is to provide you with new methods of creating content quickly, but also content that will actually sell.  The guest speakers in today’s episode are Debbie Drum and Amy Harrop, which are both experts in publishing and product creation.  Please welcome them to the show…

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Promise: Grow Your List with One-Pagers

Amy:  Thanks for having me.  Today’s big promise is to show and reveal how creating these fast, easy, digestible pieces of information can not only grow your subscriber list and get you more traffic, but also get you more sales.  What’s really great about this, and why it is so important, is because this is a tool, technique, and strategy that you can do with content that you have, content that you can repurpose, or even if you have very little content yourself.  So, this is something that anyone can do to get started quickly and easily.

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

 How Can I Connect with Amy and Debbie?

Debbie: Thanks for having us.  It’s always a pleasure.  You can connect with me easily.  My name is Debbie Drum, and I’m all over social media.  I do a lot of video marketing, which is another form of one-pager, it’s just in a video format.  So, I’m constantly creating content.  That’s why we are content experts.  This is what we do, and please don’t ignore shorter content if you are focusing on big books.  The short content works, it sells, it’s easier, it’s faster to create, and we have the tools to help you do that.

Amy: The best way is at my website,, and I have a lot of free training on there.  I have a great free report on “3 Fast Fixes for Your Book”.  If you already have a book published, but it’s not selling.  You can get that over at my blog, and also some other great, free training on publishing, and content marketing, and growing your business as well.


One-Page Publishing Profits

Insta-Content Generator (ICG)


Teachers Pay Teachers

Jungle Scout

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