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Maruxa MurphyWelcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Maruxa Murphy is today’s special guest, and she’s got some really exciting things to share.  You’ll be able to use the information provided in your own business, regardless of what type of business you have.  Aside from being an outstanding wife and mother, she is known for connecting great people with awesome ideas and amazing resources.  She is also the founder of Perky Perky Coffee, which sells powerful and premium coffee to customers nationwide.

Maruxa loves to activate greatness in others and to challenge her customers and clients to live out a full and alive life.  About a year ago, Maruxa had an idea.  She asked, “What if there was a coffee line that spoke directly to women like me?”  That is, overworked, overtired, and over-it moms, who really knew, deep down, that they were ready to do more than just filling the role of “Mom”.

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Maruxa is a self-described coffee snob, and she realized that there was a place for her to jump into the market.  Since this market was typically directed to men, she wondered what would happen if she changed the connection women had in their daily life with a cup of coffee.  Well, she did move on to build a great brand, and you can learn more about her and her business by visiting  Please welcome Maruxa to the show…

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Big Fat Promise: Momentum Building in a Product or Book Launch

Thank you so much for having me on the show.  For those listening, hello, hello.  It’s nice to meet you all.  I’m really glad to be here.  Today’s big, fat promise… I believe that if we can create momentum when we are launching something, like I launched Perky Perky… Holy Cow!  The sales just show up.  So, I want to teach moment.  I want to teach momentum building in launches today.

I think that we should care because we spend so much time and energy doing a launch.  So, if we do it in a way that’s intentional and allows for people to know about your product beforehand, then your launch will be more successful.  It just makes sense, right?  A lot of people think about product launches or book launches like, “If I build it, they will come.”  They think that, all of a sudden, it’s going to be an overnight success, but there’s really no such thing as overnight success.  There’s time and energy put in both before and during the launch, which can really create and craft an experience for your customers and your potential clients.

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That’s why I think it matters.  And, I think if we do it correctly, people feel the energy and the passion you have around it.  They want to share it, and they want to be a part of what you are building because they believe in it.  It doesn’t feel forced or fake; it’s a real experience that they get to be a part of.  That’s what I love doing.


  • How to Create Launching Momentum
  • Maruxa’s Quest to Perky Perky Coffee
  • Identify what You want to Launch
  • Start Gathering Your Supporters
  • Invite Your Supporters to Be Part of the Process
  • Have Your Supporters Share During the Launch
  • How Can I Do This If I Don’t Have a Following Yet?
  • Don’t forget to look at what research is showing about your demographic.

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Maruxa

That’s a great question.  If you want to follow the Perky Perky process and see the journey, get onto Facebook or on our email list.  If you want to like our Facebook page, just look up Perky Perky Coffee.  Make sure to add the word “Coffee” at the end because you might run into other things if you don’t [laughs].  You can also go to, and if you go there, you can get a 20% off coupon to buy your first bag of coffee.

If this is something that’s of interest to you, and you want to understand more about how I build communities, I do consulting on that too.  I really believe that… I want to see more.  More entrepreneurs really creating something from their heart and from their spirit, and in turn, that creates profit for you and for the people that you serve.  So, I do that, and you can set up a consult with me at

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  1. Bruce Jones says:

    Excellent podcast on creating and building your audience and business. Around the middle is some excellent info on how to use crowd sources to create content.

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