Negotiations: How to Successfully Negotiate with Difficult People with Greg Williams


Greg WilliamsWelcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Greg is today’s special guest.  He’s known as a master negotiator, and he’s also really good at figuring out body language.  Of course, those two skills go hand in hand.  Greg has been practicing this art form for more than 30 years.  In fact, he spent 20 years studying how body language can affect negotiations.

Over the years, he’s participated in many negotiations within universities and governmental establishments, seminars, schools, municipalities, and industrial settings, and he has even served on a number of corporate, business, and governmental boards.  Greg is often sought out for his expertise, and we are thankful to hear what he has to say today.  Thanks Greg…

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Promise: Successful Negotiations

First of all, thank you for the invite.  My tagline is, “You’re always negotiating.” What that means is that the actions you engage in today influences/impacts tomorrow’s potential outcomes.  Thus, the better you can negotiate, the greater outcomes you are going to experience, no matter what it is that you’re trying to achieve in life.

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First of all, you should always gather as much information about any situation that you’re going to be involved in, prior to your negotiations, as possible.  The reason for this is that the more information you gather, the more of a strategy you’ll be able to develop, dependent upon the individual with whom you are negotiating.  That’s to say, you can use the exact same strategy that netted the exact outcome that you were seeking in one particular situation, but because the variable happens to be that you are negotiating with a different person, you would then have to use a different set of strategies.

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


  • How to handle difficult negotiations
  • How to prepare for a negotiation
  • What makes the other negotiator tick
  • Tips About Body Language
  • Negotiation Escape Routes 
  • How to use these techniques in everyday life

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

How Do I Connect with Greg?

Well, again, the current book is Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations.  The new book is:  Negotiating with a Bully  Also, if people wish, they can sign up for my free newsletter that gives out negotiation tips and body language advice.  That’s at


Body Language Secrets to Win More Negotiations

Negotiating with a Bully

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