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Bryan Cohen

Hello!  Welcome to the RealFastResults.com podcast!  Bryan Cohen is today’s special guest.  Bryan is a USA Today bestselling author, twice over, and he does really well in staying on the leading edge of what’s happening in the publishing industry.  He’s a co-host on the “Sell More Books” podcast, and he’s also the CEO of Best Page Forward. 

Bryan and his team have written, literally, 2,000 book descriptions that helped to sell more books, and Bryan, himself, has sold over 100,000 copies of his books.  So, to say that Bryan knows what he’s doing when it comes to selling books and increasing conversions on his Amazon listings is a massive understatement.  It’s incredible to have Bryan on the show.  Welcome Bryan…

Promise: Sell More Copies of Your Book by Working on Your Book Description

Thanks for having me.  If you work on just four parts of your book description, you will sell more copies of that book for the rest of your career. 

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First, you kind of need to know the rules.  You need to know what works best in each of those four parts.  In the internet marketing world, people know a little more about sales pages than they do in the book world, but we need to treat our book description, the product description, like a sales page.  This is very different from the way you would think about writing the prose in a book.

This is the best time in history to become an author because we have huge marketplaces opened up to us to publish to, which is something that’s entirely unprecedented. This allows us to go “toe-to-toe” with the marquee authors of the world and the legacy publishing houses.  At the same time, this requires us to be very business-like in our approach to letting people know about our books. You’ve probably heard the term “authorpreneur” before, which implies that you should be thinking about your publishing as though it were a business

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


  • 4 parts of a fiction book description
    • The Hook
    • Connecting with the Main Character
    • The Paragraph
    • The Call to Action
  • 6 parts of a non-fiction book description
  • Example of Call to Action
  • Why you should use bullet points with a non-fiction book description

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Bryan

Just email me and my team at Bryan@SellingforAuthors.com.  You can get in touch with my staff that way, and we’ll take a look at your description.  If you think it might need help, but you aren’t sure, just get in touch with us.  If you know it needs help, you can always go straight to BestPageForward.net and order a description.  We’ll do it for you.  That’s what we do, and we also offer a lot of education about descriptions.  We have books out there about descriptions too.  It takes time to learn, just like anything.

We do consider ourselves experts.  We’ve put in those 10,000 hours, which is the old Malcolm Gladwell rule.  So, we do love working on these every, single week.  Either email us or come work with us because we like meeting new people, and it’s always fun to help authors get more sales!


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