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Rohan DhawanWelcome to another episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  This is a very special episode that you’re going to love.  You are going to learn how to make a post on your blog go viral!  The coolest part is that, potentially, you can actually do this with the blog that you have right now.  You know, almost all of us have blogs and most of these are dormant blogs.  You probably don’t do much with yours, and neither does the rest of the world.  Of course, this isn’t helping you or your business.

Mr. Rohan Dhawan is an absolute expert when it comes to taking a blog and making it go viral, or more specifically, the posts that you purposefully engineer to do so.  He is going to share his secrets with you during this presentation.  So, let’s get started…

Viral marketing means creating any piece of content (i.e. video, blog posts, etc.) and having it get shared by large amounts of people multiple times at a rapid pace.  The funny cat video that you saw on the Internet, that’s an example of viral marketing.  Viral marketing can help marketers get a high amount of traffic that they can use to gather leads, make sales, or do just about anything they want.  The best part about viral marketing is that it’s very simple to implement. Another advantage is that not many people are using it right now.  In today’s world, everybody is so busy.  They do not have time.  You really need to grab people’s attention and viral posts do that job for you.

5 Tips To Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

I will be sharing my personal “Top 5” tips that I personally use to make my blogs go posts

  1. The first step is to be creative with your posts by using list-based articles, quizzes, and videos.  I will be going into much more detail about these later.
  2. The second step is using catchy titles as click baits. 
  3. The third step is using Google Trends and YouTube Trends Dashboard to get viral content from other people and using it for your own.
  4. The fourth step is making use of social media, especially Reddit, Facebook, and Pinterest.  I just love these platforms. They’re amazing, and have really huge potential to make your content go viral.
  5. The fifth step is enjoying that viral traffic and actually making money with it by putting AdSense ads or using Taboola/Outbrain ads. These are a new set of ads that were recently introduced. You can use these ads to your advantage in order to make more profit.  I have personally done that, and I want to help you earn money with viral posts.

Rohan’s Successful Viral Marketing Campaigns

One of my niche websites that I started in 2014, used to receive about 60 visitors every day. After I implemented these 5 steps, my blog went from 60 visitors per day to 49,900 visitors within 24 hours. I have that case study up on my blog.

Not only that, Dr. Scott Brown of is one of my greatest students.  He has implemented these steps so well that he was able to receive $0.01 per post engagement on Facebook ads when he promoted his viral posts. Because of that, he was able to drive a lot of traffic to his website.

I wasn’t prepared for the 49,900 visitors to my website.  My server actually crashed.  I received a notification from HostGator saying that, “You really need to upgrade your server or we will have to suspend your account.”  One thing is important, you have to be prepared for increased traffic to your website.

Step 1 – Be Creative With Your Blog Posts

The first step is being creative with your blog posts by using list-based articles, quizzes, and videos.  List-based articles were introduced by BuzzFeed.  If you go to their website right now, you can see the 10 most replicated articles by ViralNova, which ended up making millions of dollars.  ViralNova was started by one guy, and within a few years, he was making millions of dollars with his website.  Viral posts contain headings that explain the article in detail.  This leaves the readers more entertained while providing the reader with valuable information.

When you Google something, you usually find 12 articles from their keywords, detailed in 1,500 words. But, that is boring.  In today’s world, you need to work hard to grab people’s attention, and list-based articles do that job.  You can also use quizzes and videos.  If you find a video that is shared a lot on YouTube, you can embed that video on your own blog and write some details about it. If that video is related to your niche, you can promote it and let it go viral since people have already showed interest in that video. If you share that video on your blog, even more people will look at your blog.

Step 2 – Use Catchy Titles

The second step is using catchy titles. The first impression that people get of your post comes from your title.  Titles are very, very important. Your title should make the person viewing it curious.  You can make the title a question or use list-based posts in order to make the titles attractive.  For example, if there is a video that was trending on YouTube, and I posted it on my blog I can make the title something like “Watch!  I cannot believe this happened!”  I use a title like that to pique the curiosity in the mind of the user.

If your post is a list-based post, you can use a title like “Top Paid Ads to Market on Social Media” or “10 Things I Did to Get 3,000 leads in 4 days”.  Titles like that make a person click on that particular link, which is our initial goal. Creating the title for your post is something you should spend a lot of time on. It’s psychology.  The best part of this is that these titles can be used in any niche.  You do not have to be in a particular niche for this to work.  Scott, one of my students, used this in the finance and investment niche.  I did it in the education niche.  People can do it in any subject.

Step 3 – Find Viral Content

Blog - contentThe third step is finding the viral content.  In order to find viral content, you can use some free tools that are available on Google and YouTube.  The first tool is Google Trends.  Google Trends allows you to find terms that are being searched the most in various countries and categories.  You can sort the results based on country. Such as the United States, the United Kingdom, or India, and based on various categories, such as “business” or “entertainment”.  You can instantly find viral content for whatever niche you are in.

Finding the terms that are being searched the most allows you to find the best ideas for your next post.  Keep in mind that you use these viral posts for inspiration.  You don’t want to actually copy every word of the viral post because Google will not rank you on their website. Just use these posts for inspiration.  Using these posts can do wonders.  People have already shown interest and they will keep showing interest until the trend is over.

The second tool is YouTube Trends With this tool, you can find the videos that are either being shared the most or being viewed the most on YouTube according to country, age, and gender.  There is the option to choose niche preferences and find a video that suits your niche.  Find the videos and embed them on your blog by copying and paste the web address. It is a very simple process.  Make sure that you explain that video in the text below it so that people know what’s going on and they actually share that video.

What you are doing is curating content that is already proven to be viral, and adding to it additional explanations and your own content and insights.  If you’re using the words and thoughts of others, it is always a good practice to give them credit.  It’s what news websites do every day. They take a piece of content and creating different forms of it. People are viewing it, and these websites are getting millions of views.  Why can’t you get a piece of this action and get more visitors to your website?  Why let the big guys take all of the action when you can do it as well.

It’s essential that you approach all of this with integrity.  Link back to where you got the post and give proper credit.  I also recommend that you have a contact form so that those people who actually own that content can contact you.  That way, if there is a problem, you can just remove the content from your blog.  If you write them back, there will not be a problem.  But, usually, they want their content to go viral and they want it to be shared.  Everybody wants publicity.

Step 4 – Use Social Media To Share Your Content

The fourth step is making use of social media to share this content.  The top sites that I love using to share mysocial media viral content are Facebook, Reddit, and Pinterest.  These websites have the highest potential to make anything go viral instantly.  But, it really depends upon your goal.  For example, if your niche has more of a female audience, then you should focus more on Pinterest because a majority of its users are female.  If you have a more generalized niche, you can post it on Facebook and Reddit.

I have a free course that I’m offering in which I teach people how they can more than 1,000 followers in seven days.  You can check that out as well.  Facebook is very simpleOnce you have a post ready, you have to just post on your fan page or share it on your personal profile, link it back to your friends, and you can also share it on blogs.  These are three methods that you can use, unless they already have a post that’s performing very well. Another method you can use that you don’t have to pay for is use Google’s ad system to send it out to a lot more people.  If you already know that your post is performing well, then it will perform well for a mass audience when they see it.

This is how your posts will go viral, this is how they will get shared, and this is how you will eventually achieve your goals.  Now comes the Reddit part. Reddit is a great website, and if you’re lucky enough to get ranked on the first page, then it is likely that website will just crush it within an hour or two.  That’s the potential of Reddit.  That’s the amount of traffic that it can bring. But, it’s really tough to get ranked on the first page.

However, you don’t even have to get ranked on the first page to make Reddit work for you.  You can use Reddit’s search tool to find sub-reddits that are related to your niche.  For example, if I’m into sports, I can simply type in “sports” on Reddit, and I can find various sub-reddits.  I can then click on those sub-reddits and add my link and share it across the community. If the people in that community find it interesting, they will click on the link and visit your website.

Last is Pinterest. Pinterest is great.  All you have to do is create informative pins and share them on Pinterest. To create such pins, you can use free software like  It’s a free design tool, and I highly recommend it. You can also hire a graphic designer, but I highly recommend just using the free method if you’re just starting out.  I’m sure Pinterest has good potential to make your pin go viral and drive more traffic to your blog.

You should explore other options as well.  It really depends on where your target audience is present.  You have to do your research on your target audience.  You have to do your homework and find out where your audience is present online.  What I like to do is create an image of my top customer, and I give that person a random name and then assign some characteristics to it, such as where that person would spend most of his/her time.  Then, I focus on them and I talk to that person accordingly.  Once I have created that image, I can target multiple people similar to that person.  The fourth step is all about finding the right platform and marketing your blog post there.

Step 5 – Making Money From Viral Traffic

viral trafficThe fifth step is taking the viral traffic that you get and making money off of it by using AdSense or Taboola.  I believe AdSense is the best platform to make money off of these viral websites because AdSense is ready to show ads according to what your website or blog is about.  You don’t have to go search for affiliate products or something like that.  AdSense does that job for you.  Google takes everything into consideration and shows people the ad that they will definitely click on.  So, if you have 100,000 people visiting your website, your earnings are probably going to be massive.

You also have the option of using a new ad system that’s called Taboola, or a similar system that is called Outbrain.  These systems show viral posts on your website.  For example, you can add to your blog posts the code of Taboola or Outbrain.  The blog posts are constructed in a way that people will want to click on them.  Every time someone clicks on these posts, you make money.  People can integrate it on their websites, or anywhere they want.  It is just that simple.

The only downside to this is that you have to have at least 100,000 views to your site per month in order to be able to access these platforms.  These platforms want high-quality traffic on their customers’ websites.  They don’t want just any random person to integrate their system onto their website by selling traffic.  They want quality traffic, and this is something that you can consider once you are on a more advanced level.  I highly recommend that when you’re starting out, use AdSense.  Then, you can use Taboola and Outbrain.

For example, if I’m reading an article about how to make money online, I would automatically see a post by Taboola or Outbrain telling me, “These are the top 5 ways to make money instantly.”  This is how these platforms drive traffic to other people’s websites, and every time somebody clicks on those links, you get paid.

If you have a course or another type of product, you can also have a lead magnet or something similar installed on your website to generate leads or to make sales.  It all depends on your goals, and viral posts help you to achieve these goals.

Recap of Steps To Make Your Blog Posts Go Viral

  1. The first step is being creative with your blog posts by using list-based articles, quizzes, and videos.  Use list-based titles like BuzzFeed and ViralNova.
  2. The second step is to use creative titles as click baits.  The first impression of your blog post is based on the title.  The title should be as attractive as possible.  An example is “Ten Things I Did to Get 3,000 Leads in 4 Days”.
  3. The third step using Google Trends and YouTube Trends to get viral content.  You can get viral content that’s being viewed the most and use that content to cause your blog post to go viral on the Internet.
  4. The fourth step is making use of social media.  Find your target audience.  Find where your target audience is present online.  Once you find your audience, target them on the websites.  Start by using free methods first, and once you are successful on them, you can use the paid systems available to you. Reddit, Facebook, and Pinterest have their own ad systems.
  5. Fifth, enjoy the increased traffic to your blog and make money by practically doing nothing.  You can use AdSense, Taboola, or have your lead magnet to sell your products.  Do whatever you want to make money from the huge amount of traffic that you obtain.

Connect With Rohan

There is a viral marketing course in which I teach people, step-by-step, how I get 100,000 visitors every month to my website.  This course is available at Udemy, and I’m offering that course at a special discount exclusively to the Real Fast Results subscribers.  You can take advantage of this by clicking on the link available within the “Resources” section.

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