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Rachel Rofe
Today, we are going to show people How you can make sales on some of the biggest eCommerce sites, like Amazon, without having to spend any upfront money with very, very minimal effort, and start to build up some cool passive income.

One of the main benefits is the passive income, and also, it’s just super-easy, super-fun.  As I explain it, you’ll see that it can be so simple to get lots of designs up and make sales.  We have kids doing this system that I’ve been teaching, and it’s really fun.  It’s just easy, and there’s no need to learn a bunch of different things.  This method seems to be working for people.

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes and view Rachel’s Full Training Video of the Low Hanging System Free

The big idea here is that you can come up with different designs and things to put on different products, like mugs, T-shirts, and necklaces.  You come up with the designs, and then you overlay them.  You can take your designs and put them on top of the products, and then you get finished pictures.  You can take the pictures of products and put them on sites like Amazon, Ebay, and different places.

Using Print On Demand Sites

There are companies that will do physical print on demand products. Just create a simple design. Click To Tweet

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes and view Rachel’s Full Training Video of the Low Hanging System Free



  • 7 Steps for Selling on Demand Products
  • Identify niches that you want to make products in
  • Create your design
  • Launch your product on the drop-shipping site (Gearbubble)
  • Find keywords to use, so that you can be found once you launch your products
  • Launch on Amazon
  • Launch on other sites like Ebay, Bonanza, and Etsy
  • Process orders

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes and view Rachel’s Full Training Video of the Low Hanging System Free


Connecting With Rachel

This particular product can be found on, and then I also have my personal blog over at I also have a crash course on how to do all of this that you should totally check out.


Designing Tools: 
Word Swag

Drop Shipping Site:

Sites to Launch Your Product:

Full Video Training Of Rachel’s Low Hanging System

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  1. Sarah says:

    I’m curious, this was supposed to be no output but Amazon requires ASIN numbers for each product and they cost alot of money. How so we get an ASIN number free?

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks Sarah… Actually ASIN’s are assigned by Amazon when you set up the product in FBA. And they are free.

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