How To Make Money With Audiobooks (Even More Than eBooks) with Richard Rieman


Richard RiemanWelcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Today, you’re going to have the chance to learn about creating and selling audiobooks.  Back in the day ACX (and similar services to that) didn’t exist, and in order to do an audiobook, you would have to spend $3,000-$4,000 up front just to get it out into the marketplace.  ACX stands for (Audiobook Creation Exchange), by the way.  If you’re interested in creating audiobooks, you are in the right place because Richard Rieman is here to share with us what he knows.

Richard is an audio book self-publishing expert, the owner of Audiobook Revolution Productions, and the author of The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation.  He helps self-published writers get their audiobooks out into the marketplace.  He both produces and narrates audiobooks.  In fact, he’s narrated dozens of titles on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and many other platforms.  Prior to his audiobook adventures, Mr. Rieman was a news anchor and reporter for RKO Radio Networks in New York and WTOP in Washington D.C. as well as NBC and ABC Radio in Chicago.  Without further ado, Mr. Richard Rieman…

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How to Make Money with Audiobooks

I promise that I will show you how to make money with audiobooks. You can make more money with audiobooks than you can with eBooks these days. Click To TweetAudiobooks are exploding right now.  The growth is tremendous, and sales are up 35% so far this year, after growth of 20% the last two years.  Audible listening is up 38%.  So this is a way to re-purpose your existing content and make more money.

You’ve already written the lyrics, now add the song.  Add the voice to it and create an audiobook.

In this interview you will discover:

  •  There are fewer audiobooks per genre, so it’s easier to find the audiobook version that you have out there.
  • Amazon’s  Whispersync program.
  • Audiobook listeners are fans.  You’re building your fan base from everything that you do, whether it is the written or spoken word that you are providing. 
  • You can put your audiobook up for virtually no cost.
  • Sites you can used to record your audiobook.
  • Finding a narrator.
  • Marketing your audiobook.
  • Places to post your audiobook for reviews.

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


Richard’s book: Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation

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Produce Your Audiobook:

Marketing Your Audiobook:
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