How To Short-Cut Any Business Idea To Determine Whether It Will Make Money Fast with James J Jones


James J JonesToday, we promise to show folks how to shortcut any system or process that you’re using and get right down to, “Is this going to make me money,” or “Is this going to be effective or not?”

I see so many people who are just spinning their wheels.  I guess the old phrase “putting the cart before the horse,” kind of applies here.  I see so many people doing that, and with one little mindset tweak, you can completely eliminate that out of your life.

I look at it more from a “making money online” type of perspective, but really you could use this for any process.  Today, we’ll be discussing this in the context of making more money in your business, making money online, and growing your business.

What I’ve seen is people working on the efficient things, not the things that are effective. Click To Tweet

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  • The difference between efficiency and efectiveness
  • A story by James’s mentor “The Late Great Gary Halbert”
  • Look at the end point of a product first
  • Prove the concept
  • Making a profit
  • Did your concept work?
  • Tweak it
  • Finding opportunities
  • Finding the need

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


The Gary Halbert Letter

Drag ‘N Drop Illustrator

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