The Simple 3-Step Process for Knowing What to do with The Rest of Your Life with John S. Rhodes


John S RhodesWelcome to this new episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Today’s episode features John S. Rhodes, whose mission is to bring amazing free trainings and webinars so that you can make money online.  He’s helped thousands of people to do that.  Specifically, he is a bestselling author who has produced 140 books on, and he’s helped over 1,000 students publish their first book.

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Throughout his career, John has also hosted over 350 webinar trainings and workshops.  To say that John knows how to focus is really an understatement, and in this episode, he’s going to show you how to hone in on those things in your business that actually make your life better.  In other words, you’re going to learn what aspects of your business to focus on in order to create a life of abundance for yourself.  So, without further ado, John S. Rhodes…

Promise: Simple 3 Step Process for What to Do With the Rest of Your Life

I promise to give you a simple 3-step simple process of knowing what to do with the rest of your life.  Literally, “What should I do with my life?  What should I do right now?  What should I do tomorrow?  What should I do next week?  What should I do with the rest of my life?”  So many people just have no idea, no clue, what they really ought to be doing, or they fall off track and they don’t know how to get back on track.

Really, it’s inside.  So we aren’t going to create this, we’re going to revel it.  I promise to give you a 3-step process that will make this emerge.  It will manifest, as a matter of fact, and ultimately, this is going to make you very happy.  And, it will make you a lot of money as well because you’re generating value for yourself, your family, your community, and the world, at large.

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Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


  • The importance of focus
  • Focus translates to value which translates into wealth
  • 3 step to focus your life
  • Identify what you love doing
  • Pick your strengths
  • Producing vale
  • Production is the key
  • Focus Checklists and Cheat Sheets

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


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