How to Get Yourself on Podcasts that Your Ideal Customers are Already Listening to With Tom Schwab


Tom SchwabWelcome to the episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Mr. Tom Schwab is today’s guest speaker.  He’ll be chatting about a super-smart thing to do, and that is to appear more as a podcast guest.  He’s going to outline how to become a podcast guest in the first place, and then he’ll move on to explain the best ways to take that time and leverage its leads, and new business ultimately.  Tom is definitely an expert at doing this.

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Tom knows how to build online businesses, and he helps small business owners and entrepreneurs get featured on leading podcasts.  Furthermore, he helps them to find podcasts that there prospects are actually listening to.  Most importantly, he teaches how to go about turning those listeners into customers.  Tom is also the author of Podcast Guest Profits: Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy.  He’s also the founder of Interview Valet, which is a concierge booking service for podcast guests.  Welcome to the show, Tom…

Promise: How to Get on Podcasts that your Ideal Customers are Listening to

My promise is to teach you how to get yourself on a podcast that your ideal customers are already listening to.

Marketing, at its heart, is starting a conversation with somebody who could be an ideal customer. Click To TweetWe buy from people that we know, like, and trust.  So, this is a proven system where you could turn listeners, into visitors, into leads, and then into your ideal customers.


Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


  • 6 Steps to Being on the Podcasts Your Ideal Clients Listen to
  • Prospecting
  • Pitching
  • Preparation
  • Performance
  • Progression
  • Promotion
  • Give people three ways to say “yes”:  A small yes, a medium yes, and a “heck yes!”
  • How to Develop 3 Yeses

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Tom

If you’re interested in this, you know the power of podcasts.  Either get on as a guest or get on as a host, and if there is any way that we can help you, just go to  I’ll have those three offers in there.  You know, the six steps to get on your first podcast, the 30-minute training, and there will be stuff for the book there.  I’ll even throw in my checklist.  It has all of the mistakes that I have made and said that I’ll never make again.  All of that will be there, and my contact information will be there as well.  I won’t even try to tell you my Twitter address and my email address.  Just go to that one page,, and we can connect there.


Tom’s Book:
Podcast Guest Profits: Grow Your Business with a Targeted Interview Strategy

Microphone Recommendation:
ATR-2100 microphone

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