Using Persuasive Content to Pre-Sell Your Products & Services With Alice Seba


Alice SebaWelcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Today’s special guest is Alice Seba.  She is a content marketing master.  There are so many uses for content when you are building a business.  Alice certainly has a long and very successful track record with this.  In fact, she has sold millions of dollars worth of her content and has built a very large and substantial email list of clients and customers who not only seek her products, but also her services.  They do so over and over again because her content is just that good.

Alice specializes in the power of persuasive writing and relationship marketing.  This is a super-important aspect in every successful online business.  She is excellent at creating loyalty among her customers and positive word of mouth for not only her business, but their businesses as well.  Welcome to the show Alice…

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Promise: How to Use Content to Educate Customers

What I’d really like to get into today is talking about that power of content, and also, the persuasiveness of it.  I want to teach people how they can use content to educate their potential customers and get them eager to buy their products.  Often, we think of content as being a separate thing, as a lead generator, or as a way to get people on our list or to visit our blog, but it is an amazing selling tool.  I would like to show you how to use it as such.

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Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


  • Educate your audience by providing great content
  • Long lasting content
  • Webinar content
  • Looking at content marketing in a different way
  • Writing the answers to questions your customer needs
  • The art of copywriting
  • Planning ahead
  • Creating content that’s educational and leads to purchases
  • Test and track
  • Case studies
  • Email lists

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Alice

The best place is my “About Me” page at  You can usually see what I’m up to, and it’s a great way to find me.  I also wanted to let people know that I do the Best Sellers Summit with Ron Douglas.  This is the second annual one that we have held.  Basically, what we do is teach writers, and authors, and anybody who wants to sell more books or information products how to bring what they have up to that bestseller status.  We teach, not only the publishing part, but also the marketing and how to really get your stuff out there.  You can check this out on



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