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Chris KrimitosWelcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Chris Krimitsos is today’s special guest.  He is the founder of a conference called, and basically, he helps podcasters and people who want to build a podcast audience.  Please welcome Chris to the show…

Promise: How to Pack Live Events with Your Target Audience

The big promise is that I’m going to share with people how they can really pack an event with their target audience in order to build their business as well as how to really find their target audience.  I’m going to share some tweaks in your thinking that will help you really reach the exact person you are looking for to help, and in the process, to make a living and make money.

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First of all, you should have an online presence of some sort.  That is primary.  Secondly, if you really want a rabid base of supporters, you either need to go out and speak at events, or eventually, I would highly recommend housing your own event.  There’s no more rabid of a fan base than with a person that raises their hand and says, “I’m willing to travel to be in a room with you for a day or two days, and learn from you, and get infused with your culture, your philosophy, and your methodology.”  You can’t ask for a better client, and those people tend to be your greatest clients, and your greatest, what I call, promoters of your brand and what you represent.

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I help a lot of influencers, by the way.  I’ve done over 2,000 events, so I’m not new to the game.  I’m fairly young, but I’ve spent, literally, a decade packing in events.  When I tell you events, I’ve done fishing tournaments, poker tournaments, sending people to the World Series of Poker, business conferences, one-day socials, and the only thing I haven’t done is golf tournaments.  I’m not a big golfer.  But, I mean, I could have done that.  Workshops, one-days, meetups, you name it, I have experience across the spectrum.  There’s nothing better than meeting your audience live and building off of that.


  • Leveraging a live event
  • You get better feedback live
  • “What is the audience that I want to reach out to?”
  • “Who am I, who would I like to cater to, and what am I bringing of value to the table?”
  • Ticket prices
  • Selling tickets
  • Ticket levels

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Chris

You can go to, and Google will respell it for you.  The main thing, especially if you want to learn live events, is I just launched a podcast to help people do this.  It’s called the Conference Cashflow podcast.  Look it up in iTunes and subscribe to it, and then every week or two, I release an episode with a promoter in which they share how they do what they do.

The one I really recommend is by Michael Stelzner of Social Marketing World.  One of the fun facts he shared is that he won’t do an event if he doesn’t stand to make 45% net.  Anyone in business knows that’s a tremendous net, especially for a conference.  I’ve been learning a lot by interviewing these individuals, but I really want to share that information with people.  So, check that out. or the Conference Cashflow podcast, on iTunes.



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