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How to Orchestrate a USA Today Bestseller Campaign with Alinka Rutkowska

September 29, 20180 Comments

Hello!  Welcome to the RealFastResults.com podcast!  If you are publishing books, and you want those books to actually sell, you’re going to want to stick around.  Alinka Rutkowska is today’s special guest.  Alinka has had a lot of successes in her own publishing journey.  She is, in fact, a top-100 Amazon bestselling author in the […]

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The Simple Basics of How to Become a Media Star with Josh Elledge

May 31, 20180 Comments

Hello!  Welcome to this episode of the RealFastResults.com podcast!  PR Professional Extraordinaire, Josh Elledge, is in the house!  Please welcome him to the show… Big Promise: How to Become a Media Star I’m going to teach you how to become a media Star. You might be thinking, “Why would an author or entrepreneur like me […]

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How to Profitably Put on Your Own Live Events with Chris Krimitos

April 25, 20180 Comments

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Chris Krimitsos is today’s special guest.  He is the founder of a conference called PodfestExpo.com, and basically, he helps podcasters and people who want to build a podcast audience.  Please welcome Chris to the show… Promise: How to Pack Live Events with Your Target Audience […]

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Connect with Influencers and Potential Clients Using LinkedIn with Jimena Cortes

July 12, 20170 Comments

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  In this episode, you’re going to find out how to use and springboard off of LinkedIn.  Today’s special guest is Jimena Cortes, and she is a marketing consultant who specializes in search engine marketing and LinkedIn lead generation.  We all need leads in our businesses, […]

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6 Ways to Do Business with Influencers: Even if You Don’t Already Know Them

November 14, 20160 Comments

One of the fastest ways to grow your company is to do business with influence centers in your niche. The problem for most business owners is they have no relationship with influencers who could help them. Fortunately, doing business with influencers in your field is not as hard as you might think. Why is this?  It boils […]

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Collaborate with Influencers in Your Market, and Profit With Dan Morris

September 30, 20160 Comments

Today we are promising to teach, show and explore the idea of building a collaborative venture that will not only grow your list and grow your income, but will get you in front of the people that your audience members are following all of the time. It’s a product called the BC Stack.  We do […]

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