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Amy CollinsWelcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Amy Collins is today’s special guest.  She has just recently collaborated on a brand-new book called Write and Grow Rich.  It is now available for a special pre-launch price of just $0.99.  A total of 24 highly-regarded, very successful authors have contributed a chapter to this book.  If you would like to learn the best ways to use your skill of writing to generate vast amounts of income, visit to purchase a copy of the book.  There is a great bonus package that you’ll receive with your purchase as well, but in order to gain access to that and the special price for the book you’ll need to act fast!

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Amy is going to cover some of these tactics during this episode.  She is one of the very best people to explain this because she has already helped a number of authors go from being struggling writers to becoming financially successful authors, some even becoming superstars in their field.  Amy has worked with Daniel Hall on many occasions, and they currently have a program called Real Fast Library Marketing (, which helps authors get their books into libraries.  They also have another program called Real Fast Indie Book Marketing (, and this program helps authors to get their books into indie bookstores and other brick and mortar retailers.  Please welcome Amy to the show…

Promise: An Explanation of what Separates an Author from a Successful Author

Thanks for having me.  I’ve been thinking about this promise.  Today, I’m going to give you specific activities that successful authors practice and less successful authors don’t.  I’m going to give you a list, and an explanation, of what separates an author from a successful author.  There are a lot of writers out there, and there are a lot of authors, but if you want to know the actual tasks that will allow you to go from being a writer, to an author, to a successful author, I’m going to give you specific things you can do.

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


  • Immerse Yourself in Successful Authors from Your Same Genre
  • How to find readers in your genre
  • Taking Part in Your Industry
  • Interact with the Authors and Readers in your Genre
  • Successful Authors are Always Writing
  • Who do you turn to when you need help?

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Amy

Well, first of all, you should really pick up a copy of Write and Grow Rich.  At this time, it is in pre-launch status, and you can get a very special deal.  Just visit to grab the book and all of the great bonuses that come with it.

Now, I’ve talked a lot about market research and marketing activities.  One of the things that I’ve mentioned once or twice is reviews and where you should go for them.  If you go to, you can access a free download.  This is a market research checklist that will help you make sure that you are going to all of the right places to find those bestselling books that you are curious about.

If you want to know where to go and how to do this market research, I have actually created a downloadable PDF that gives you the links to exactly where to go.  All you have to do is sign up for my newsletter, and you will get a PDF that actually walks you through the process.  So, that’s


Write and Grow Rich


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