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Secrets of Using Project Management to Complete More Projects So You Can Make More Money with Jacqueline Grant

December 3, 20190 Comments

Discover exactly what a project is, and how the benefits of this globally accepted and recognized project management methodology can be applied to your business, your book writing, as well as your personal and professional projects.

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How to Use Habits to Build a Successful Self-Publishing Business with Steve Scott

July 15, 20190 Comments

Hello!  Welcome to the RealFastResults.com podcast!  You’re definitely going to want to tune into this episode.  You are bound to learn a lot.  Steve Scott is today’s special guest.  He is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author with over 80 books in his catalogue.  He also blogs about habit development on his site, DevelopGoodHabits.com.  Plus, […]

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How to Write 6,000+ Words of Great Content in 50 Minutes or Less with Deb Drum

November 9, 20180 Comments

Hello!  Welcome to the RealFastResults.com podcast!  The great Deb Drum is here once more to share her wisdom with us on how to write quickly.  She has recently been co-authoring a book called Write and Grow Rich, which is an anthology on how to take your ability to write and convert that into money.  As […]

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How to Go from Writers to Financially Successful Authors with Amy Collins

August 28, 20180 Comments

I’m going to give you specific activities that successful authors practice and less successful authors don’t. I’m going to give you a list, and an explanation, of what separates an author from a successful author.

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How to Pre Structure Your Novel So You Finish It Fast with Steve Alcorn

August 5, 20180 Comments

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Today’s episode is going to be especially helpful for you if you are a fiction writer or aspiring to be one.  Steve Alcorn is one of the contributing authors to Write and Grow Rich.  By the way, that book is currently being promoted, and you […]

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Overcoming the Barriers to Writing a Book with Dan Janal

June 5, 20181 Comment

Welcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Dan Janal is today’s special guest.  If you have a brand, or you would like to build a brand by writing a book, then you are definitely in the right spot.  Dan has actually written more than a dozen books, and his latest book is […]

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6 Reasons Why You Should be Using Public Domain to Profit More in Your Writing and Publishing Efforts

November 18, 20161 Comment

Let me start with a big bold statement… ready? Properly using quality public domain content can transform your writing and publishing endeavors and be way more profitable than you can imagine. In this short episode I intend to show you my top six reasons for using public domain content.  Hold on tight, here we go… First, […]

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Sell Your Story – Non-Fiction, Novel, or Children’s Book – to Hollywood!

August 30, 20162 Comments

Welcome to this edition of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Today’s special guest is Dr. Ken Atchity, who is a very well-known Hollywood producer.  As a matter of fact, he is a producer and author who has also worked as a literary manager, speaker, writer, editor, and professor of comparative literature, among other things.  During […]

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How to Get a Literary Agent With Dani Hedlund

August 26, 20161 Comment

Welcome to this edition of the Real Fast Results broadcast.  Dani Hedlund is here today to share her secrets on how to get a literary agent.  This, of course, is very important to know if you have a desire to become traditionally published.  Let’s see what she has to say… Today’s Promise Today I’d like […]

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