How to Create a Business Plan for Your Book With Kathy Meis


Hello!  Welcome to the podcast!  Today’s special guest is Kathy Meis, and it’s very exciting to have her on the show. Kathy is an expert in multiple areas, including marketing, publishing, and selling more books in general.  Kathy is president and CEO of Bublish, which is a company that provides marketing and promotion information for self-publishing authors.  Please welcome her to the show…

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Promise: How to Position Your Book in an Overcrowded Marketplace

I am going to show you how to position your book in and overcrowded marketplace, so that your marketing is more effective, and you sell more books.  This is exactly the type of help authors need, and this should be the foundation of anyone’s publishing journey.  If you don’t get this right, your marketing isn’t going to work, and you won’t sell books.  If you do get it right, everything will work out well.

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Discover how to:

  • Create a business plan for your book
  • Set your goals
  • Research your audience
  • Create a “virtual bookshelf”
  • Research on Amazon
  • Collect your research data
  • Design your cover
  • Upload your book to Amazon
  • Market your book

Connecting with Kathy

My email is  Bublish ( is the world’s first complete publishing platform with built-in marketing, branding, and discoverability features.  So, you can write your book and publish, and you can promote it with the technology we have created, called Book Bubbles.  These “book bubbles” are kind of like social director’s cuts for your book.  You can share an excerpt, there’s beautiful branding, and then you share the story behind your story. 

People buy your “why,” and book bubbles help you to share the creative struggles that go into your work.  This is very effective, and people spend about 3.5 minutes on a book bubble, which is a lot more than 7 seconds.  It was designed because I love bookstore browsing, and online, there was nothing like that.  So, we created a browsing experience.  You know how you turn the book over, and you look at the acknowledgements and things like that.  It’s literally a social moment.  It’s a very quiet social moment between the author and the reader.  That’s what I wanted to recreate on my end.

I also wanted to brand around the author because, to me, it’s the author brand that breaks through the noise.  Well, the author brand is about the author’s “why,” and it’s about the journey, and what went into it, and the author’s commitment.  Also, we have anything that you need to publish a book, including the editorial aspects, which is a big area of expertise for us.  We also offer services that deal with cover design and interior layout.  We also offer email and print distribution throughout the world.


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