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Hello!  Welcome to the podcast!  Today, Alinka Rutokowska will be the guest speaker.  She is one of the coauthors of Write and Grow Rich, which recently became a USA Today bestseller.  Please welcome Alinka to the show…

Promise: How to Write a Book Without Doing Any Writing

Thank you for having me.  Today, my big promise is that I’ll show you how to write a book without actually doing any writing.  This is for entrepreneurs, mostly, and possibly celebrity-level entrepreneurs or stars.  You know, people who want to write a book without actually doing the writing.  So, they have a book, and they want to launch it to become a bestseller, but they don’t want to do any of the work themselves.

We work with entrepreneurs, for the most part, and they have so much knowledge that they have accumulated over the years.  They want to share that knowledge, but writing isn’t one of their superpowers.  Their superpower may be launching a business, running that business, or scaling it.  They want to share their expertise as a way to give back, or they want a legacy piece.  Sometimes people planning to retire want a legacy piece. 

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Alternatively, people that are still active may want a calling card for their company.  So, they may want to scale, but they need a book in order to do that.  This may be something that they haven’t actually tried, marketing-wise.  Still, writing isn’t their expertise, and they need help.  They have the knowledge in their head, but they have no idea, and no real will to learn, how to follow through with the process of getting their ideas out of their head and into a bestselling book.  So, that’s what we do.

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


  • Alinka’s 17 steps to outsourcing your book
  • Position your book
  • The outline
  • Getting your book idea out of your head
  • Copy Editing
  • Layout and format
  • And more….

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Alinka

The best way would be to head over to Amazon and get a copy of Outsource Your Book.  If you would rather skip that step, you can go to and take the quiz.  This will let you know whether or not we are a good fit to work together.


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