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Steve Scott

Hello!  Welcome to the podcast!  You’re definitely going to want to tune into this episode.  You are bound to learn a lot.  Steve Scott is today’s special guest.  He is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author with over 80 books in his catalogue.  He also blogs about habit development on his site,  Plus, he creates videos for his YouTube channel, which you can check out by visiting  Just to provide you with a little more information, Steve says that when he isn’t working, he likes to read, exercise, travel, and spend time with his family.  Please welcome Steve to the show…

Promise: How to Use Habits to Build a Successful Self-Publishing Business

My promise is that I am going to teach you how to use daily habits to help build a successful self-publishing business.  I don’t think that I’ve done anything extraordinary.  I simply follow a habit every single day, and I’ve been following that, pretty much, for the past six years.  I think a lot of times, as writers, we tend to put our heads in the clouds, like, “I have this great idea.  I can’t wait to feel inspired to write so that I’ll sit down and crank out 1,000 words.”  That might work for a day or so, but I firmly believe that you need some sort of process.

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There’s a very famous quote from W. Somerset Maugham in which he said, “I only write when inspiration strikes.  Fortunately, it every morning at nine o’clock sharp.”  The point being that you have to schedule this into your day.  What’s magical is that even when you aren’t in the mood to write, if you follow the habit and commit yourself to doing it, and I like to do it first thing in the morning, which we’ll get into…

If you commit yourself into doing things first thing in the morning, and you work at even if you aren’t in the mood, the words will start to flow eventually. 

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


  • The daily habits that will help you write more
  • Scott’s writing process that led to his successful self-publishing business
  • What you can do if you have a hard time getting words on the page
  • Apps and books that helped Scott develop his process
  • Scott’s best productivity tips
  • How checklists can help you write more

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Steve

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