How to Use Book Blogs to Sell More Books Fast without Having Your Own List With Adam Houge


Adam HougeWelcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  If you are an author, or aspire to be one, this is definitely a show that you want to pay very close attention to.  Today’s special guest is Adam Houge.  He’s a book marketer extraordinaire.  Basically, for the last three years, he’s followed a simple strategy to create scalable results as well as sustainable results for his writing and publishing career.  In fact, he’s been able to turn this into a six-figure per year income.

Adam has been responsible for the distribution of two million copies of his books on Amazon.  Essentially, in this session you are going to discover how you can use some of the same techniques and methods to market your books.  Thanks for being here Adam…

Promise: How to Build Your Audience

My big promise is that I’m going to show you how you can get some real fast results, even if you don’t have an audience to market to, yet.  That way, you can just hit that gas pedal right away and accelerate your career, and you can start seeing those sales coming in almost immediately.

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  • About book blogs
  • How book blogs can build your audience
  • Bookstore algorithms
  • How to start working with book blogs
  • A list of book blogs
  • What prices work best on book blogs
  • How to build your own audience
  • Putting links in your book
  •  “Look Inside” features
  • Proper launch strategy

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Adam

I offer a free training series in which I show you exactly how you can launch your book.  Over these three videos, I teach you personally, step-by-step, my own launch strategy that helped me sell and distribute my two million books, just in a short period of time.  That way, you can take and replicate my exact same strategy.  You can check this out at  Again, you can take advantage of this for free.


Book Blogs:

Kindle Nation Daily

Book Gorilla

The Fussy Librarian

Hundred Free Books (

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