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Derek DoepkerWelcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  If you are an author, especially an eBook author or a Kindle book author, you should be excited because today’s special guest is Derek Doepker.  He has a strategy to share about how you can sell more of your books, for full price, on auto-pilot.  Derek is a #1 bestselling author himself, of several books, including one titled Why Authors Fail.  He also leads hands-on training workshops, courses, and retreats.  Basically, they are there to teach authors how to turn their passion for writing into a sustainable business.  You can find out more about Derek by visiting  Welcome to the show, Derek…

Promise: How to Sell More Books without Constant Marketing and Promotion

The promise today is:

I’m going to show you how you can sell more books on auto-pilot without constant marketing and promotion Click To Tweet

First of all, obviously, if you have books in your business, and you want to generate more royalties, I’ve seen a significant increase in royalties by the scope of several thousand dollars in additional royalties with what I’m going to share with you today.  Now, even beginner authors have doubled, tripled, quadrupled their royalty income every single month by putting into practice what we’re going to be talking about.  So, in terms of bottom line results, we’re talking not just small increases, but significant increases in royalties, exposure, and of course, all of the other things that does for your brand.

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One of the best parts is that once you get this set up and going, and in some cases it just takes a few hours to put this system in place, it becomes almost hands free.  Like, you let the system do its thing.  I go on vacation, I travel, or whatever, and it’s running in the background.  So we’re talking about significant increases in sales, without a huge time commitment, and that frees you up to do more things that you love.


  • Let Amazon promote your book
  • Amazon marketing services
  • Make sure your book has
    • an attractive cover
    • a nice title
    • a good description
  • Manual targeting
  • The importance of keyword research
  • Test a lot of different keywords
  • Understand the data

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Derek

If you would like to have more of a shortcut and just learn about what I have been able to figure out, including how to do your research a lot faster… Like, in an hour or two, as opposed to days… If you would like to know some of the best ways to optimize your bids, there are some strategies you can use for this too.  Also, if you would like to have constant updates on what’s working nowadays, how to adjust, and all of that and more, I put together a training at a special discount.  It’s called KD Sales Machine.  If you are interested in that, as well as a few other components of what’s involved with that, I have a package offer that comes with a special discount. You can learn more about this by visiting


Why Authors Fail



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