How To Sell Physical Info-Products Through Amazon FBA with Greg Cesar


Greg CesarWelcome to this episode of the Real Fast Results podcast!  Today’s special guest is someone who is very creative and extremely accomplished.  His name is Greg Cesar, and he has a fantastic opportunity to present to you that hardly anyone else is harnessing right now.   Greg is an international expert in creative internet marketing strategies.  Over 100,000 people have purchased Greg’s products online, so obviously, he knows how to sell products.

Greg has been invited to speak on stages as far away as Singapore and Malaysia, and he has helped thousands of students to drive more laser-targeted traffic to their websites.  Again, he is a creative thinker, and therefore, he often uses out-of-the-box strategies to dominate niche markets.  Through his courses and trainings, Greg teaches people how to utilize mindset marketing, how to find hidden entry points in niche markets, and more specifically, how to use emotional triggers that help to get people to click on ads and buy more.

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With these strategies in place, you can even go into larger, more competitive markets, and get more clicks for pennies on the dollar, rather than spending dollars at a time on clicks, like your competitors will be doing within these markets.  Greg is an excellent marketer, and an all-around great guy who carries a reputation of having a lot of integrity, which is another reason why it’s an honor to have him as a guest today.  Greg, welcome to the show…

Promise: A New Way to Sell Information

First of all, thank you for having me on the show.  The promise is that by the end of the show I will have shown you a new way to be able to sell information.  It’s not just about creating the information, it’s about distribution and getting people to buy it. Click To Tweet When you kind of understand what we’ve done, you’ll know why this is one of the easiest things that I’ve ever done, and also, one of the most profitable.  If you get it, this could literally change your life.  Hopefully, this will make sense to you today.


  • The information business
  • The Amazon craze/sell on Amazon
  • Making digital content physical to sell on Amazon
  • Why it’s better to sell physical products
  • Pick a market or a subject
  • Use your Google AdWords account to research keywords
  • Try to solve a problem
  • Create content
  • How to use CDs or DVDs for your physical products

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

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  1. Jeff says:

    I guess you shouldnt let this stop you from doing persuing this model but im curious if you ever get complaints or negative reviews if the customer discovers that youre using a PLR product?

    • Daniel says:

      Anything is possible… But that is one the reasons why you should add your own value and tips to your product. PLR is just a starting place.

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