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Alinka Rutkowska
Hello!  Welcome to the podcast!  If you are publishing books, and you want those books to actually sell, you’re going to want to stick around.  Alinka Rutkowska is today’s special guest.  Alinka has had a lot of successes in her own publishing journey.  She is, in fact, a top-100 Amazon bestselling author in the “Business & Money” category, and she has sold more than 100,000 copies of her books.  Her book creation process has also been showcased in Entrepreneur magazine.

Alinka is the CEO of a small press, called Leader’s Press, and she has launched all of its titles to bestseller campaign status.  That’s remarkable!  She’s also the founder of LibraryBub, which connects independent authors with 10,000+ libraries, to help get their books into libraries.  Alinka has also been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, Writers Digest, and a whole host of other media.  Recently, she has orchestrated a project in which a number of successful authors collaborated to create the book, Write and Grow Rich.

How to Get Write and Grow Rich

If you’ve been following the podcast, then you know that many of the authors of Write and Grow Rich have been interviewed.  Twenty-four coauthors worked together to create the book.  Each of these authors shared their knowledge in support of a basic premise, which is that if you have the ability to write, you can transform that ability into money in your bank account.

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This book was Alinka’s “brainchild,” because she’s the one that put this project together, and the goal of the entire team is to have the book make the USA Today Bestseller List.  Therefore, the creators of this show would like to invite you to head over to, where you can pick up the book, Write and Grow Rich.  By the way, if you do this around the time the book is being launched (around October 2, 2018) you should be able to purchase the book for only $0.99.

Not only are you going to receive a great value because the book is really, really great, but if you purchase it now, you’re going to receive a host of different bonuses.  All in all, these bonuses carry a $5,000 value, and this includes Daniel Hall’s own New York Times bestselling covers.  This particular portion of the bonus currently sells for $120 by itself.  You’ll get access to this part of the bonus, plus a whole lot of other very valuable materials that are meant to help you successfully publish and generate revenue doing so.  Now that you know who the mastermind behind this great work is, please welcome Alinka to the show…

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Promise: How to Orchestrate a USA Today Bestseller Campaign

Thank you for having me!  The big promise today is that by the end of today’s episode, you’ll know exactly what to do in order to orchestrate a USA Today bestseller campaign.  Just to clarify and make it easier, first you have to go to Amazon and get Write and Grow Rich, and then you can visit to claim your $5,000 worth of bonuses.  So, that’s a two-step process.

Back to our promise… If you want to hit the USA Today Bestsellers List… We don’t really know if we’ve managed to do that, but we’re very, very close.  I think that we will hit it.  Actually, I’m 99% sure, but whether we hit it or not, you’ll have everything you need to accomplish this yourself, or at least, orchestrate that type of launch.

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode


  • How to create a USA Today bestseller campaign
  • How to know when you’re getting close the bestsellers list
  • How to reach out to collaborators
  • What a bestseller needs to have
  • Organization and foundational elements
  • Should you put together an anthology
  • Authors should have a responsive email list
  • It’s important to work with other authors and influencers

Download the Complete PDF Show Notes Free for this Episode

Connecting with Alinka

I think the best way would be to head over to and get yourself a free copy of my award-winning guide, “How I Sold 80,000 Books”.  This way, you’ll also have my email.  Whenever people write me at that address, I always answer.  So, you’ll get the great guide, and we’ll be in touch!  Again, if you have not grabbed Write and Grow Rich, you’ll need to head over right now.  Hopefully, you’re reading this in time to actually pick it up for $0.99, and then you can grab the bonuses by visiting


Write and Grow Rich –


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